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15th Arab Steel Summit

International & Steel Exhibition 2022

The biggest meeting platform of the Arab and international Steel companies

After stopping for nearly two years due to the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic and after gradual recovery from the effects of the pandemic, lifting the ban and easing preventive measures allowed the Arab Iron and Steel Union to resume its activities by organizing its annual conference “15th Arab Steel Summit” on 7-8 November 2022, in Manama city, Kingdom of Bahrain, which acquires special importance to what the Steel Arab Industry witnesses as changes in the light of perturbation that encounter the steel markets in different regions in the world.

Arab Iron and Steel Union is looking forward to this important event to be the platform for meeting many Arab and international companies, steel industry experts and the owners of modern technologies, as well as those interested in this industry from investors, businesspersons and economic activities to cooperate and exchange views on what serves the development of this industry and its growth at all levels such as production, trade and marketing.

Concurrently with the work of the conference, AISU will organize its ”International Iron and Steel Exhibition 2022″  which will provide a suitable environment for companies to showcase their iron and steel products, innovations and the latest technological solutions that help develop and expand the productivity of the iron and steel industry, in addition of being the appropriate venue to meet the producers with institutions and companies active in the field of the iron and steel trade and technologies.

Main Topics :

    • Coronavirus impact on the Arab and foreign countries’ economies and its impact on the steel industry.
    • Repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the steel industry.
    • Oil and gas prices impact on the economics of the steel industry.
    • Arab Steel Industry: Competitive position and growth strategies.
    • New technologies and their role in diversifying steel production in the Arab countries.
    • Renewable energy and carbon-free technologies.
      Environmental, health and safety management systems in the steel industry.
    • The circular economy and its role in the sustainable development of the steel industry.
    • Opportunities and challenges of producing high value added products in the Arab countries.
    • Raw materials and production requirements and their impact on the future of the Arab iron and steel industry.


  • Organizations, agencies and governmental bodies associated with trade and industry
  •  Companies producing steel and rolling
  • Steel production technology suppliers
  • Companies working in the field of iron and steel trade Suppliers of basic raw materials for the iron and steel industry 
  • Companies using iron and steel products
  • Technology equipment suppliers
  • Metal construction companies
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Consultants 
  • Companies operating in the engineering and construction industries
  • Logistics and freight companies
  • Scrap recycling companies and associated projects
  • Mining companies 
  • Engineering companies and construction companies 
  • Universities and research centres 
  • Financial and mineral institutions
  • News agencies and media workers

15th Arab Steel Summit

Sponsoring the activities of the « 15th Arab Steel Summit » provides a distinguished advertising opportunity for sponsors to introduce their companies to participants in the summit activities. Role as major players in the field of iron and steel industry shall be ׳ Moreover, the sponsors displayed at a time when promotions have become essential to introduce companies.

Awards for Best Scientific Research in the iron and steel industry

Arab Iron and Steel Union invites all experts, professors and engineers in the iron and steel field to submit scientific research working in the scope of developing this industry in the Arab world.

Please note that the / 2022, will be the last day of submitting your scientific research.

The winners will be awarded with the best three scientific researches as follows:

Arab Iron and Steel Union believes in the importance of encouraging scientific research, to serve the iron and steel sector in the Arab countries, to which, during the activities of the “15th Arab Steel Summit”

Please note that the / 2022,



MR. Awwad Al Khaldi



DR. Kamel Djoudi



MR. George Matte






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15th Arab Steel Summit

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15th Arab Steel Summit


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