The Largest Platform for Meeting Arab and International Steel Companies

Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) will hold its annual Summit ” 14 th Arab Steel Summit ” will be held in Tunis – Tunisia in the period 27-28 November 2019 at  Four Seasons Hotel Tunis – Tunisia, Which will be special important for the changes taking place in the Arab steel industry, In light of the instability in the steel markets in various regions of the world.

Arab Iron and Steel Union is looking forward to this important event as a platform for meeting many Arab and international companies, steel industry experts and the owners of modern technologies, as well as those interested in this industry from investors, businessmen and economic activities to cooperate and exchange views on what serves the development of this industry and its growth at all levels such as production, trade and marketing.

Participants by Region %

  • North Africa
  • Middle East
  • ASIA
  • EU
  • USA

Participants by Activity %

  • Producer
  • Technologies
  • Service
  • Trader
  • Cunsumer

Working Papers

AISU welcomes your effective participation in The Summit  and invites you to contribute by presenting working papers reflecting your points of view and experiences to what is related to the development of this industry at both regional and world levels.

We also welcome your recommendations for making this meeting a forum for exchanging opinions about whatever serves the development of this industry, its integration and continued growth on all production, commercial and marketing scales.

Working papers will be presented by the ministries of industry and investment in the Arab countries and the largest Arab and international bodies and organizations and experts of Arab and regional steel companies.

More Than 20 Working Papers


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